Don’t make a car karaoke faux pas…

When you commute alone, you sing alone and that’s a lonely tune… Commute like the car karaoke legends do and share the ride so you always have backup.

You already know that commute alternatives help keep our air clean, reduce air pollutants, cut back on traffic congestion, reduce fuel consumption and lessen your carbon footprint as well!

But there are other perks that many people don’t think about. Take for example ridesharing, whether it’s carpooling, vanpooling or riding the bus the amount of social interaction you have increases. Even for the introverted person, social time is essential to both physical and mental health. So when you share the ride, you’re not just helping to make the air healthier, you’re also doing something healthy for yourself!

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As for the perks of active transportation such as bicycling and walking, check back next month and we’ll have even more info for you!

You could be a winner! When you use a commute alternative and keep track of it on your commute calendar, you could WIN 1 of 15 monthly prize drawings for a free MyTrips t-shirt and Dutch Bros. beverage card.

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