It’s time for warm weather, days spent outside, lots of sunshine and it’s time to…

Hit a Home Run for Clean Air!That’s right, this July Spokane County CTR, Spokane Clean Air Agency and the Spokane Indians are joining together to help encourage you to think about the air you breath. With the longer warmer summer days comes the increased chance for increased ground level ozone. Most people refer to this type of air pollutant as smog or haze; ground level ozone is formed when vapors from various sources such as combustible engine exhaust or when you stop and fill up your gas tank combine and are heated by the rays of the sun. This kind of air pollutant can trigger a variety of health problems ranging from chest pain, throat irritation, congestion and it can worsen bronchitis, emphysema and asthma just to name a few.

What can you do to help “Hit a Home Run for Clean Air”? Here are a few simple suggestions to help:

Use a Commute Alternative! Walk, bicycle, ride the bus, carpool or vanpool when possible.
Save Money on Gas! Keep your vehicle in tune and tire pressure in check to help improve gas mileage.
Overfill is Overkill! This helps avoid spilling gasoline and helps prevent additional vapors in the air.

Drive Efficiently! Combine errands into fewer trips and limit idling time.
Refuel After 6pm! This helps keep smog forming vapors out of the air when smog (ozone) forms.

EARN Rewards and WIN Prizes!

During the month of July, we’ll be giving out 1 pair of tickets every week to one lucky commuter. Use a commute alternative at least once during the week and track it on your commute calendar no later than Monday morning of the following week, that’s it! Weekly drawings will be held before the end of Tuesday. Join us July 12 for the Spokane County CTR and Clean Air Agency night with the Spokane Indians! Click here to purchase your discount tickets!

Join us July 12 for the Spokane County CTR and Spokane Clean Air night with the Spokane Indians! Click here to purchase your discount tickets!

Don’t forget, when you walk, carpool, ride the bus, vanpool, bicycle, telework, or work a compressed work schedule not only do you “Hit a Home Run for Clean Air” but you also hit a home run for yourself! You’ll save money, have more time for yourself, you’ll reduce air pollution, traffic congestion and fuel consumption. You’ll also EARN MyTrips rewards and you could be part of our monthly and quarterly prize drawings, just check out these great rewards and prizes…

Earn MyTrips RewardsWin MyTrips Monthly and Quarterly Prizes.

For more information on MyTrips rewards, prizes and on signing up on contact your worksite ETC.


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