Does part of your New Year’s resolution have to do with saving money? How about getting healthy? Maybe it’s to help out your community? Well you can do all that and more just by using a commute alternative like walking, carpooling, riding the bus, bicycling or vanpooling.

Save Money; for many commuters the average cost of commuting is $277, depending on what mode of commute alternative used a commuter can save anywhere from 50% to 100% of their commuting cost.

Getting Healthy; many people don’t think about their commute as a chance to get in exercise but active transportation is a terrific way of getting in your 30 minutes of doctor recommended exercise every day.

Helping your Community; commute alternatives are a proven way to help reduce air pollution, traffic congestion and fuel consumption making the Inland Northwest a better place to live, work, and play.

Continuing into 2016, for using a commute alternative and keeping track of it on your commute calendar you can earn MyTrips participation rewards like a free slice of Pizza Rita pizza, a free Rocket Bakery bagel w/cream cheese, a free Dutch Bros. beverage or a free MyTrips t-shirt!

And that’s not all, you can qualify to be in the monthly and quarterly MyTrips drawings! Just use a commute alternative 2X and you'll be entered into our monthly drawings for a chance to win 1 of 10 $25 gift cards, 15X between January and March and keep track on your commute calendar and you could win one of three great prizes; a Fitbit Surge, an iPad Air or a $500 Gift Card!

If you’re new to using commute alternatives you can receive a $25 gift card, free monthly STA bus pass or $50 vanpool subsidy. For more information on MyTrips First Time Participant promotion click here.

Get started by signing up today, you’ll make your New Year’s resolution a lot easier to keep and earn great rewards and the chance to win some awesome prizes too!


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