Get rewarded, win prizes, become inspired!

Get Rewarded!

Any time is a great time to use a commute alternative, especially when it can earn you rewards! When you walk, bicycle, ride the bus, carpool or vanpool and keep track on your commute calendar you can earn great prizes such as a free slice of Pizza Rita Pizza, a free Rocket Bakery bagel w/cream cheese, a free beverage of choice from Dutch Bros. and a free MyTrips t-shirt.

Win Prizes!

When you use a commute alternative and keep track of it you could also qualify to be part of the monthly and quarterly MyTrips drawings! Use a commute alternative 2X in a month and you’ll be entered for a chance to win 1 of 10 $25 gift cards, 15X between April and June and you could win one of three great prizes, a Fitbit Surge, an iPad Air or a $500 Gift Card!

Become Inspired!

Spring is a great opportunity to consider the different forms of active transportation such as walking or riding your bike. Active transportation provides many benefits; both physical and mental health as well as the cost savings and benefit to the environment. Did you know that the average bicyclist burns 650 calories per hour and the average commute is about a half hour, and walking one mile can burn over 100 calories. That’s your daily dose of physical activity there and your body, mind and wallet will thank you for it!


Also this spring, Spokane has lots of great bicycling events coming up! The Spokane Bike Swap is in April, it’s the perfect opportunity to find a bicycle, upgrade your current bicycle, or even get rid of that bike that you no longer use. For more information go to There’s also May Bike to Work month and Spokane Bike to Work Week! You can find lots of activities and events that will have you commuting by bicycle in no time! You can learn more by visiting

And remember, even if you can’t use active transportation alone, you can combine forms of commute alternatives such as walking or riding your bike to the nearest STA Park N Ride or bus stop. Even if you carpool you could create a designated spot where you could walk to and get picked up at. Either way you do it, it’s a great time to use a commute alternative.

Get rewarded! Win prizes! Become inspired!


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