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Ridesharing began shortly after the introduction of the Model-T. At the end of 1914, during a recession, enterprising car owners in San Francisco began offering seats in their cars for the same price as a street car fair, known as a jitney. Within nine months, the “jitney” craze had spread all the way to Maine. Read the full article at shareable.net

Commute Smart, Save Money and Ride Together!

Sharing the ride is more than just smart, you’re saving more of everything! Just think about it; of course there’s the obvious, money. Sharing the ride has been a tried and true method of saving money since before the automobile was invented. You’re also saving your sanity and health as well! When you share the ride you get to spend more time socializing and relaxing, which is far healthier for us than the stress that driving alone causes. And there’s our environment, sharing the ride helps protect our air quality by reducing air pollutants, traffic congestion and fuel consumption helping to make the Inland Northwest a better place to live, work and commute!

Don’t forget, our MyTrips campaign is still going! That means when you use a commute alternative and keep track of it on your commute calendar, you can earn rewards like free food and beverages from Pizza Rita, Dutch Bros. and Rocket City Bakery or you could get a free MyTrips T-shirt! If you participate 15 time from October 1 through December 31, you’ll be eligible to win one of three grand prizes, an iPad air, FitBit Surge, or $500 Visa gift card!

So do yourself a favor; commute smart, save money and ride together!

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