This December, you can WIN when you “Rideshare and Chill!”

Chillax in the carpool, sit back and enjoy the vanpool, or get in your zone riding the bus. When you “Rideshare and Chill” or use other commute alternatives, you help reduce air pollution, traffic congestion and fuel consumption making the Northwest a better place to live, play and commute!

Helping make the Northwest better is wonderful, but you’ll also do something cool for yourself as well! Besides a chance to WIN, you’ll be able to relax more, save money, have more “you” time to visit with friends, read a book, play a game or simply listen to some music and chill!

So how can you WIN 1 of 6 drawings for a $50 or 5($25)?

It’s easy! Simply carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, walk or ride your bike, telework or use a compressed work schedule at least 2X during the month of December, track it on your commute calendar and you’re done! You’ll be automatically entered in our drawing to WIN.

To learn more how you can “Rideshare and Chill”, other commute alternatives or how you can WIN contact your ETC today!