Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program

A Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program provides transportation for employees who rideshare, take the bus, bike or walk to work who need a ride during the day because of an emergency. Most drivers fear using a commute alternative because they think they will be trapped at work if an emergency arises or they have to work overtime.

A guaranteed ride home program ensures they will be able to get home. It takes the fear and anxiety out of using commute alternatives and provides increased commuting choices for employees.

GRH programs allow employees to request same-day transportation home from their workplace. Transportation is generally provided by taxi. Transportation costs may be paid by the program directly, or reimbursed to employees at a later date.

There are generally restrictions placed on the number of times employees may use the service and the trip purposes (for example, most programs do not allow employees to request rides in the case of appointments or overtime scheduled in advance).

Please contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) to see if you have a guaranteed ride home program at your worksite, either contracted through Spokane County or employer based. The following are general guidelines for guaranteed ride home programs:

  • You may use a Guaranteed Ride Home to travel from your worksite to:

    • Your home
    • The location of your personal vehicle (e.g. park & ride lot, daycare center, carpool partner's home)
    • Your medical provider
  • An intermediate stop is permitted if it is related to the nature of the emergency, such as picking up a sick child from school before going home or to the location of your car.
  • You can use a Guaranteed Ride Home, with ETC approval for:

    • Employee or family illness
    • Your supervisor unexpectedly requests that you work late (that is, the request comes on that same day, without prior notice or knowledge)
    • Unexpected change in planned ride home (e.g. your carpool driver had to leave early due to an emergency)
    • Other emergency situations which occur during the workday
  • Inappropriate use of the program may result in loss of GRH privileges.

For more information on how to start Spokane County's Guaranteed Ride Home program at your place of employment, please click here.