This November, making a change can make you a WINNER when you “Fall for a New Commute!”

The change of the season has always inspired us to start anew or make a change.

  • Start a new book 
  • Start a new game
  • Start a new savings account
  • Start a new fitness routine

We make changes in our lives to feel better!

No matter what the new something is, the goal is always to makes ourselves feel happier and better about ourselves and what we’re doing.

Have you ever considered starting a new commute, like walking, carpooling, riding the bus, vanpooling, or bicycling instead of keeping with the same old tired out drive alone commute.

Just once a week can make a difference!

Commute alternatives can help us achieve our goals and more!

They can help:

  • Reduce your stress levels!
  • Provide you with more “ME” time!
  • Save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance!
  • Improve your social well being!

Even once a week makes a HUGE difference on your pocket-book and your life!

It does so much more too!

When you use a commute alternative, you help reduce traffic congestion, and extend the life of our streets. After all, no one likes road construction. You help reduce fuel consumption while saving yourself money and time at the pump! You help reduce air pollution, making the Northwest a better place to live, play and commute!

Falling for a New Commute can also make you a WINNER!

Using a commute alternative just 2X in November can make you a winner! Just keep track on and you’ll automatically be entered to win 1 of 6 prizes, a $50 or 5-$25 gift cards!

So “Fall for a New Commute” and make a change that will make you smile and can make you a WINNER too!